《Gambunny》官网升级新面貌 Official Site has been Upgraded!

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《Gambunny》官网升级新面貌 Official Site has been Upgraded!

Postby administrator » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:30 pm

Gambunny在马来西亚成立了2周年,运动装的兔子是不是对您印象深刻?如今新面貌,兔子不见了,是不是怀疑登入错网页? 别怀疑,别担心, 这是Gambunny在2011年的新面貌,充满新年气氛的官网,相信在新的Gambunny网页可以让玩家更轻松,更简单的获得资讯。


GamBunny has been established for almost 2 years from now, the Sporty Bunny Mascot is very memorable isn’t it? Now that we have removed the bunny, do not worry that you’re not in the wrong site, this is the whole new 2011 GamBunny Official Site. A whole new official site that was designed based on Chinese New theme, we had modified the site with pretty much simpler navigations which eases players on searching their info.

Here, GamBunny Team is wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

New GamBunny Official Site Update for Year 2011:
- 如今拥有中英模式,玩家可以在右上角选择
- Currently have Chinese and English modes, players languages can be changed easily by clicking the button at the top right corner
- 游戏分类,让玩家更方便寻找最喜爱的游戏
- Games organized into different categories, players will be able to search for their preferred games easier
- 登入后提供更简单易懂的页面,把一切操作简单化
- Amendment in the page after logged in, simplified navigation

If there are any problems that troubles you're facing, kindly email us: cs@gambunny.com
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